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What Is Fusion Fitness?

Fusion Fitness combines cardio, strength training, bodyweight movements, and mobility in each unique class. You will experience continuous growth through exciting, high-intensity interval training, so you never hit a plateau!  Our supportive, energetic environment is open to athletes of all ages, and our coaches are focused on ensuring you receive the guidance you need in order to meet your individual fitness goals.

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Our program mixes unique movements, with basic fundamentals, in an ever-changing training environment.

Each workout fuses new, cutting-edge movements and machines, with simple, yet effective strength training to promote the natural athleticism in every individual who walks through our door.

The Three Functions of Fusion

Fusion Strength Training (FST)
Functional, balanced, and supportive for long term health
Fusion Interval Training (FIT)
Shorter bursts of intense activity are combined with sustained efforts to deliver a wide variety of cardiovascular benefits
Fusion Endurance Training (FET)
These training days are longer, steadier, and will develop your cardiovascular and mental durability

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